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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The most important part of guitar playing is tone

Hey there! Just a quick shout out to friend Bill Ryan today for something great and profound I read on his blog. Bill makes the point that tone is of the utmost importance to guitarists:

"It doesn’t matter how accurate, fast, or impressive your playing is," Bill says. "If you fall short of good tone, you will fall short of success. Whether I’m playing on my classical, steel string, electric through a clean channel, or electric through multiple effects, tone is always my first and foremost concern"

Amen, brother.

Bill's a regular at John Condron's Wednesday acoustic open mic at Tribes Alehouse Mokena. He plays guitar in a band, Time and the New Romans, with Greg Woods. They have a nice song called "Your Eyes" and a new one called "In Frantic Sound" from a release coming out soon.