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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Musician/songwriter Lewis Knudsen has a gift for storytelling

One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of writing and making music is developing an appreciation for music composed, performed and recorded by others.

A writer friend Emily Miller turned me on to the music of Lewis Knudsen, a versatile multi-instrumentalist based in the Quad Cities area. Even though I'm new to Lewis' music, I can tell right away he's a very talented singer, songwriter and musician. You can stream his original music on his website,, and you can also check out his video demos on his YouTube channel.

Lewis' gift for storytelling shows on a track like "The Story of St. Patrick," an expertly told tale of Ireland's patron saint. The quality of Lewis' recordings is excellent, and his choices of accompaniment are varied and interesting and include acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin and other instruments.

Lewis clearly possesses a passion and gift for making music. His style is original and his sounds are pleasant, with hints of influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Etta James. He has a sweet voice and clear tone, and his music can warm the heart and touch the soul in a way like a walk in the woods can help you reconnect with nature and appreciate the beauty in the world.