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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A solo show and irreconcilable differences

Last night I performed at 30 Buck with good friend Tim Placher. Tim went to grade school with Tom Thayer, a guard on the Super Bowl champion 1985 Bears team, and the Thayer family owns the 30 Buck bar and restaurant next door.

A few times a year Tim performs his Portable Piano Bar show there and lately has invited me to split the night with him. It's great fun! The bar's always crowded when Tim plays and I've gotten to know many of his friends. Tim has also let me play at his big musical parties at the Shanty above the Kankakee River outside Wilmington the past two summers.

This year I was trying to figure out a way to involve the band Bluesonic in these gigs, but playing with the band just wasn't working for me. The experience was no longer any fun. I've been making real progress writing and performing original songs on acoustic guitar these past 18 months. I realized I don't have time to continue developing my solo songs and play bass in a band, so I had to choose one. I decided to leave the band.

I was only involved with the band for six months but it was still difficult to cease involvement with the project. Still, once it became apparent that there was no way the project would work due to irreconcilable musical differences, I felt it was pointless to spend another minute of time on the effort.

I've booked some studio time this summer in Billy Aldridge's Third City Sound in Joliet. I'm hoping to record professional-quality versions of a few of my best songs. I'm hopeful there will be opportunities to perform with other musicians again soon, but for now I'm focused on continually improving the writing and performance of my original work. My singing's certainly stronger since I quit smoking!