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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Songs

OK, so here's a list in roughly chronological order of all the songs I've written to date:

I’d Like To Know
I’m Not the One
Blue Eyed Girl
Living Day to Day
I May Need You
Before You Love Someone Else
I’ve Got News For You
Pains of Untruth (w/ Ron K.)
Mr. Deal
Sand Castles
Take My Word
Trying to Find My Voice
I Can’t Believe You’re Gone
The Cycle
Man At 21
We No Longer Communicate
Dead Meat
Day Off
King of the Mountain
Christine (w/ Bill. A.)
On the Way (instrumental)
Jennifer’s World
Song of the Day
Girls Like That
Coming Back for More
Keep On Drivin’
New Way Home
Kick the Can
It Ain’t Right
Goof Off
Rough Stuff
Wrong About It
We’ll Be Free
Act of God
Years Go By
Judgment Day
Feelin’ Blue
Hell and Back
The Way You Do
Ballad of Slowiks
Little Help
Long Time Ago
Game of Life
Dream So Hard
You Never Listen
Seven Deadly Sins
Don’t Have What I Really Want
Dear Editor
Got It Made
On the Shelf
Hopeless Romantic
Worst Day in America
Wrong Way to Fight
On the Internet
Something Wrong
Winning Blues
Love You Like My Own
Move On
Die For You
Sparks Fly
I Don’t Wanna Fight