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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Checking in

Hey, not much new to say, but I want to try to post at least once a week or so. Here's a picture from 2009 of me and American Idol finalist Gina Glocksen. She was at a party we played at the Corral, which is at my old high school, Lyons Township H.S.

I'm continuing to post a lot of demos of originals on my ReverbNation page, Check it out. It's been a log of fun digitizing all the material, some of which is from nearly 30 years ago! You build up quite a body of work over that much time, even if you only write a couple songs a year.

So, remember, this is a songwriting project. Try not to judge the material on the quality of the recordings, but rather the structure of the songs. I've got some more to post but imagine I'll max out at 30 or so. I've written about 70 songs total and have recordings of about 50 of them, but some just aren't even worth posting.

When I've finished posting demos of originals, not sure what I'll do. I might start a Big Eddy Springs Blues Band page on ReverbNation and get that material out there. I might post copies of various bands playing my songs over the years: Suspended Animation, Nobody Knows, George Barnes Project, even Big Eddy's done a couple of mine. We'll see. Stay tuned!