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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Recovery update: Feeling stronger every day

By Ted Slowik

Thanks again for all the messages of support. I appreciate each and every one who took the time to connect in some way. I feel like Jimmy Stewart's George Bailey in "It's a Wonderful Life." I feel like the richest man in town!

In the two weeks since I had a stent put in after the heart attack, I've been resting a lot. I wouldn't say I'm bored, because I've got books to read, TV shows and movies to watch, music to listen to and other stuff to keep me busy. I'm good for about half a day now--usually I can get a lot done in the morning (taxes, doctors appointments, thank-you notes, medical paperwork) then need a nap by afternoon! I'm still attached to a mobile AED and will be for a couple months.

My white blood cell count is slightly high, which could be a sign of an infection, but I don't have a fever. I had a drug rash reaction that cleared up when we switched one of the blood-thinner meds. I'm eating healthier, not smoking, taking other meds to lower cholesterol and seeing the cardiologist next on March 12. I'm hoping then he clears me to start some rehab. Once that happens, I'm hoping the recovery moves along fairly quickly. My hope is to be out and about, even back at work, before the end of March. The way this winter is going, I'll probably be back in my old routine before all the snow melts!

Hope to see you all soon!