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Friday, January 22, 2010

Nobody Knows 1986-1992

Somehow around 1986 I ended up with Paul again and he introduced me to these brothers, Bill and John Moll from Westmont. Bill played guitar and John played drums. Sometimes Ron played drums with us. We played in the Moll's basement. My good friend Dave Kent was in the group, too, as a guitarist. We called ourselves Nobody Knows. We played popular music by REM, John Mellencamp, Joe Jackson, BoDeans, and some songs we wrote. We got out and had fun playing gigs, too. Like this Battle of the Bands in Western Springs, at the Flyer's Den at Lewis University, and some other places over the years. Not a lot, but enough to keep it interesting. Eventually Paul left and we weren't nearly as good without him because I ended up doing nearly all the singing. I'm OK, I can sing some songs, but I wasn't a good lead singer in a band. But we lasted together a good long while and even did some recording together at a new studio Phil Bonnet had up in Hoffman Estates called Solid Sound. We recorded "Blue Eyed Girl," a song I wrote and made a video of for a project in college. You can watch the video here: Anyway those were good times and we had a lot of fun together wearing tie-dye T-shirts and playing horseshoes and going to Grateful Dead shows and other concerts. Trippy, man.